Election Manifesto

Rome was not built in a day. Nothing happens simply by chance. It was through years of tireless hard work and dedication of its people that Hong Kong has succeeded in developing from a small fishing village to today’s metropolis and international finance center of 7 million population. However, as we all know sustaining an enterprise is much more difficult than creating one. Right now, many people have become disillusioned about the future as their aspirations for owning a home became ever more unattainable. The entire city and social progress plainly appear to have ground to a halt due to endless disputes over land and housing issues.

The Government is in the process of initiating vigorous land and housing development measures to tackle the ever pressing needs for housing. Here and now, Hong Kong should be in dire need for the experience and expertise of the architectural, surveying, planning and landscape professions. Nonetheless, the seat of our functional constituency in LegCo is now vacant. Colleagues in the industry have lost a bridge for communicating with the Government and advising the community. There is much work to be done. We can ill afford to let time be further wasted. In the interest of social progress, proper representation of our professions in the legislature must be restored.

In the four years I previously served on Legco as the representative for the architectural, surveying, planning and landscape professions, I have always adopted a genuine attitude and practical approach to serve the community and in matters concerning the industry’s welfare in a most professional way. Like the pine and cypress which stay green in tough winters, I have carried on the momentum persistently. including the setting up of a think-tank, leading of technical tours, generation of professional ideas, collection of views from professional colleagues and setting up meetings for them with Government officials from time to time.

Despite whatever hardship and heavy workload ahead, I have great determination to take up the responsibilities in front of us and to help Hong Kong overcome the challenges so that it can MOVE ON again. I pledge that our professional expertise will once again be acknowledged and duly respected in the Council. I will be persistent in promoting changes in a pragmatic manner. I will act as a bridge between the industry and the community, and seek to make appropriate use of our land resources. I hereby stand for this LegCo By-election. Together with your support, we shall perservere and overcome, through thick and thin.

Election Platform
Employ the knowledge of the Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape professions more vigorously to guide our land development and city planning. Oppose the awarding of contracts at unduly low prices which regularly led to cost overrun at the end
Allow SMEs to participate annually in projects equivalent to 30% the value of all public works, to foster the growth of SMEs and development of new markets
Set up an audit committee to supervise major projects to rigorously monitor any cost overruns
Election Platform
Establish a standing Think Tank (4T “Tony Tse Think Tank”) to provide solutions for building a smart city and better Hong Kong
Recommend the Government to subsidise the research and development in and promotion of recycling of construction wastes

Tony Tse


After graduation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic (now Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Mr. Tse joined the Hong Kong Civil Services and worked in different offices of Crown Lands & Survey Office (now is Lands Department) for 12 years. He was Senior Estate Surveyor when leaving the public sector. Thereafter, Sr Tse had been working in the private sector and holding senior position in various companies and organizations including Hongkong Land Property Company Limited, Chesterton Petty Ltd., Emperor International Holdings Limited, Urban Renewal Authority, Henderson Land Development Company Limited and Henderson Sunlight Asset Management Limited. Sr Tse is now a director of Brand Star Limited, a property development and asset management consultancy firm.

Sr Tse has over 38 years’ experience in real estate business. Apart from the daily business, Sr Tse is keen in community services. He has served as a member of the Hong Kong Town Planning Board, member of the Land and Building Advisory Committee, member of Municipal Services Appeals Board, member of the Disciplinary Board Panel (Land Survey Ordinance), Chairman of the Real Estate Services Training Board of the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council, member of Disciplinary Panel of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The President of Hong Kong Professional and Senior Executives Association from 2012-2014 . Sr Tse was the Chairman of the Surveyors Registration Board from 2002-2003 and the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors from 2003-2004.