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Letter to Surveyors

Dear Surveyor colleagues,

Hello !

We are all Surveyors. The past development of Hong Kong, the accomplishments of today and the future development all depend on us Surveyors working diligently in the background and serving various public facilities, residential and commercial projects. Our work ranges from planning, land management, to design approval and supervision, property management and maintenance, etc. We helped to make Hong Kong a comfortable and safe place for living and work.

Despite our roles may differ, we all share the same dream of making Hong Kong a harmonious society and sustainable in economic growth, with a stable setting where the younger generation can grow up and flourish cheerily.

In order to continue to promote the development of the industry and continue to oversee the Government’s work in administration and improvement to our living environment, I wish to offer myself, as a professional Surveyor, to do my utmost to speak up for the industry, make contributions on ways to promote Hong Kong’s development and monitor Government’s performance in the LegCo. I hope that my following election platform will have your full support:

  1. Urge Government to allocate an additional $1.8 billion recurrent expenditure to address the manpower shortage and improvement to the work environment in departments concerning the Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape professions.
  2. Set aside 30% of all public works projects and consultancies annually to facilitate SMEs to participate. Reasonable pay and working hours are justified for the professionals.
  3. Urge Government to align the assessment criteria among different departments to streamline the vetting process..
  4. Set up an Audit Committee which must include due participation of Registered Quantity Surveyors to strictly prevent delays and cost overruns to public works projects.
  5. Ensure as a mandatory condition that posts of Registered Quantity Surveyors and Registered Land Surveyors are included in Government public works contracts.
  6. Urge Government to review and amend the Land Survey Ordinance to provide Registered Land Surveyors with the statutory power for defining land boundaries
  7. Re-initiate Sandwich Class Housing schemes to help the middle-class and young professionals’ home purchases.
  8. Subsidise SMEs to apply innovative technologies, promote energy conservation and emission reduction
  9.  Urge Government to provide, out of its overflowing coffers, subsidies for students’ extra-curricular activities for their wholesome upbringing.
  10. Provide tax exemption for personal medical insurance expenditures. The scope should include the parents, spouses and children under the age of 21, subject to prescribed ceilings of eligibility.

If you have any other views, please do let me know. I am more than willing to run that extra mile for the benefit of the industry and for building a better Hong Kong. It is of utmost importance that professional matters must be championed by genuine professionals. We must not let fakes, politicians and opportunists hijack us and debase our hard earned and valuable professional qualification and experiences!

Say NO to Fakes ! I earnestly appeal to you to come out and cast your vote on 3.11. Please vote for me, Tony Tse, the truly qualified Professional Surveyor!

Yours sincerely,

Tony Tse Wai-chuen (Candidate no. G-1)