After graduation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic (now Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Mr. Tse joined the Hong Kong Civil Services and worked in different offices of Crown Lands & Survey Office (now is Lands Department) for 12 years. He was Senior Estate Surveyor when leaving the public sector. Thereafter, Sr Tse had been working in the private sector and holding senior position in various companies and organizations including Hongkong Land Property Company Limited, Chesterton Petty Ltd., Emperor International Holdings Limited, Urban Renewal Authority, Henderson Land Development Company Limited and Henderson Sunlight Asset Management Limited. Sr Tse is now a director of Brand Star Limited, a property development and asset management consultancy firm.
1. To re-initiate Sandwich Class Housing schemes or enhancing the diversified housing ladder. Upgrade the ratio of subsidized housing to private housing to 7: 3 to help the middle-class professionals' home purchases
2. To make optimal use of land resources, apply a multi-pronged approach to produce land for housing. The long-term and most effective way to produce land for massive housing production is to reclaim land outside Victoria Harbour
3. To optimize the development approval process, by unifying different vetting criteria to recuce housing production time by 1 year, and review the relevant development regulations.
4. Government to allocate an additional $ 1.8 billion recurrent expenditure to ease the manpower shortage in departments concerning the Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape professions, in particular the Lands Department and the Buildings Department, to improve their facilities and working environment.
5. 30% of all public works projects and consultancies should be set aside annually to facilitate SMEs to participate. They need such assistance for growth and for developing new markets. Reasonable pay and working hours are justified for the professionals.
6. To subsidise SMEs to apply innovative technologies, promote energy conservation and emission reduction and to build a smart, green city together
7. To set up an audit committee comprising Registered Quantity Surveyors, to monitor the progress and expenditures of public works projects, to prevent delays and strictly control cost overruns.
8. Government's public infrastructure works projects should be rigorously monitored. Posts of Registered Quantity Surveyors and Registered Land Surveyors should always be included in the contracts and detailed conditions
9. New developments should place more emphasis on quality of design and people-oriented. Entrust more to the expertise of the Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape professions, to augment Hong Kong's cityscape with befitting architecture
10. To organize more design competitions for Government projects, with a reasonable design fee for participants. Implementation of the works should be awarded to the winners, so that more young talents can be nurtured and actually take part in shaping Hong Kong.